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Padel School

Taktika Padel School is intended for new padel players or those who would like to improve their strokes’ execution, develop a better understanding of game strategy and make better decisions which will help them to increase their level and reach their maximum potential.



Our Methodology

Our teaching system is based on understanding in-game plays and the strategy to succeed in those, improving strokes at a technical level with correct execution that allow you to avoid injury and be able to master Padel.


Applying training to real game situations, in a structured and logical way in our planning.


Training is targeted for 4 similar level students at a time. Each student will have the opportunity to have their own individualized planning according to their skills or needs  group planning that all will follow; adapting these exercises, objectives and main topics to the level of the students.


Objectives by Level

Getting Started

Oriented to teach and improve the basic strokes, slow speed and control, be able to understand how padel is played and maintain rallies with long duration enabling students to enjoy the game

Already Playing

Aimed at perfecting strokes already known, introducing new shots with higher difficulty, spins and speeds and providing students with a technical-tactical evolution to maximize their performance.



Oriented towards competition and high performance, working on decision making with real game situations in different game phases.


Player Placement

In order to properly place each student within their level range, we have created a new Player Rating chart. Each student will have a Padel Rating based on their skill and players with similar padel rating will be grouped in the same class sessions. 


If a player Padel rating is unknown they will have to attend a player rating session, this rating will also be mandatory to sign up for leagues, tournaments and other events organized by Taktika where player level is relevant.


We understand that it’s difficult to get started, so let us know your availability and we will help you find the right session!

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Taktika Padel
Player Rating

Monthly Cost

1 day/week= $180/monthly (4 classes per month)

(Recommended) 2 days/week= $320/monthly (8 classes per month)

Additional Benefits

Taktika Students will have these additional benefits:

-10% discount at the Padel pro store

-Advice and coaching in tournaments

(based on coach’s availability)

-Personalized Plan and Video-analysis

How to get stared?

Contact for more information and to start scheduling your training sessions.


Padel for Juniors


In our Junior Program our main objective is for children to have fun playing Padel and at the same time they learn important values of a racket sport that is fashionable all over the world.


Being an easy sport to practice and with so many tools, children are stimulated and discover new options every day with this sport.


Reflexes, agility, companionship, the importance of the team, all this and more they will find in Taktika Padel with our summer camps.


Groups are generally by participant age, please contact for more information.

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