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We are
Taktika Padel

In Taktika Padel we implement a new learning methodology. A more interactive approach where students have fun at the court as their game evolves and improves in their overall performance inside and outside the court. The only challenge is to overcome oneself through handicaps, tests and challenges that help us to evolve day by day with daily monitoring. 

Our Mission

Our System

In Taktika Padel we are very focused on the youth school, the minors are the basis of tomorrow’s Padel and the future of this country. We assume a great effort and responsibility in preparing these young people so that tomorrow they become great players, but without losing sight of the most important thing, building great human values, that are generated naturally by the sport and enforced by us. 

We help our students improve day by day as athletes and as people to achieve the challenges that each of them might face in the future.


Our Philosophy

Taktika Padel is much more than a place to play padel. Our philosophy is very clear: The most important thing about this sport is not the match itself, but everything that surrounds it: sport, health, friendship values, coexistence and fun. No matter the result, what matters is to enjoy the moment in all aspects of life. In Taktika we create spaces for everyone to enjoy this wonderful sport.

Our Mission

Our Goal

Our goal is to keep the Padel community growing within San Diego as well as the rest of the country to make it a mainstream sport!


“The brain needs to be excited to learn”

Our Coaches

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